Monday, November 1, 2010

el 9, 10 de noviembre

Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Chapter one test

Monday, October 25, 2010

el 4 de noviembre

  • More review for the chapter one test.

NO SCHOOL November 5th or 8th!!

el 3 de noviembre

  • Chapter one review day!

el 2 de noviembre

  • Present projects of Day of the Dead.
  • EAT!!
  • Watch a video on Day of the Dead.

el 1 de noviembre

  • We will be working on writing together as a class.
  • Also, reminder of Day of the Dead projects.

el 29 de octubre

  • We will take our vocabulary quiz.
  • Finish any sections in the book on Chapter 1.
  • Also, remind students of the Day of the Dead projects.

el 28 de octubre

  • We will continue working on the exercises for Chapter one in our text.
  • We will also have vocabulary games for our upcoming vocabulary test.